speargun logo on the rock
wooden speargun rear end from top

Wooden Spearguns

Wooden Spearguns

Andrianblue designs and manufactures unique Wooden rubber band Spearguns. The quality and reliability of our products are non-negotiable for us from the moment the design of a new model begins, the period of testing and finally the delivery to our customers. We use the most modern means (CAD design software and CNC machining) and the best materials (TEAK wood, Sigal Sub rubbers bands and spear shafts, ceramic roller bearings, ERMES trigger mechanism, Andrianblue reels, stainless steel parts) for the research and development of each new product as well as for the quality control before the completion of each construction.

Wooden Spearguns



Speargun Muzzles

Invert roller muzzle kit